Land Records (Sec. 734a)

DescriptionFee Amount

Additional Fees

Recording Documents$60.00 first page$5.00 each additional page or portion.
Documents w/ Nominee (MERS) as Grantor-See Below$159.00 flat fee 
Documents w/ Nominee (MERS) as Grantee-See Below$159.00 first page$5.00 each additional page or portion.
Foreclosure Registration$60.00 
Map Recording$20.00 
Subdivision Map Recording$30.00 

Filing Fees

DescriptionFee Amount
Trade Name Certificate


Liquor Permit Registration$20.00

Vital Statistics (PA07-133, Sec 7-73, 7-74, 7-76)


Fee Amount

Certified Copy - Short Form - Birth Only$15.00
Certified Copy - Full Size - Birth, Marriage or Death$20.00
Marriage License


Cremation Permit


Burial or Removal Permit$5.00

Conveyance Tax (Sec. 12-494)

DescriptionFee AmountAdditional Fees
Property TransfersState fee .75%

Town fee .25%

Surcharges$2.00 each transfer 



Fee Amount

Additional Fees
Copies of your documents


Copies of Town Documents$0.50/page 
Copies of Land Records$1.00/page$2.00 for Certification (if needed)
Maps(24x36) $7 (18x24) $5 (11x17) $2 
Scanning of a Map$5 
Send or Receive a fax$0.50/page 

Notary Public (Sec. 7-34a, 3-94n, 3-94o)

DescriptionFee AmountNon-Residents
Notary Registration (To file your notary appointment with the Town Clerk)$20.00 
Notary Service (to have a document notarized)$0.00 (Residents)$5.00 per Signature

Sports Licenses

Online Sportsmen License System

DescriptionResident FeeYouthNon-Resident
Firearms Hunting$19$10 (Ages 16-17)$91
Firearms Hunting & All Waters Fishing$40$20 (Ages 16-17)$120
Archery Deer/Small Game$41

$21 (Ages 16-17) $10 (Ages 12-15)



$17 (Ages 16-17) $11 (15 & under)$250
Game Bird Conservation Stamp$28$14 (Ages 12-17)$28
Hip Permit/Duck Stamp$17$9 (Ages 12-17)


All Waters Fishing


$16 (Ages 16-17)

Inland Waters Only


$14 (Ages 16-17)$55
Marine Waters Only


$5 (Ages 16-17)


3 Day Inland Waters OnlyN/AN/A


3 Day Marine Waters OnlyN/AN/A$8
NEW! Trout & Salmon Stamp$5

$3 ( Ages 16 & 17)


Dog Licenses (Sec. 22-338 thru Sec. 22-352)

DescriptionFee AmountNote
Altered (Fixed)$8.00Rabies Vaccination proof is required.
Unaltered (Not fixed)$19.00If your dog is fixed, proof is required.
Guide DogNo Charge 
Late Licensing Fee$1.00 per month or fraction thereof 
Transfer of Ownership

$1.00 for a new tag, if already licensed

Copy of the precious license is required
Lost Tag$1.00 
Change of Address (Within CT)$1.00Copy of the previous license is required
Kennel Licenses$51.00 for up to 10 tags 

Fee Increases Effective July 1, 2018

Please note there are several increases from the State of Connecticut. Please verify your price prior to sending payment.

PA 13-247 (Governor’s Implementer Bill # 6706 Sec. 81 & 82) Recording of Documents by a Nominee of a Mortgagee (MERS)

Remittance Rules for the recording for all MERS documents on July 15, 2013, regardless of the execution date of the document:

Remittance Rule for Assignor/Releaser (Exception)

Documents Included:

  • Assignment of Mortgage when Nominee is the Assignor-Grantor
  • Release of Mortgage when Nominee is the Releaser-Grantor

$159 flat fee (no subsequent $5 additional page fee per legislative language – even if it is a multiple page document)

Remittance Rule for Other Documents (General)

Documents Included:

  • Mortgage
  • Modification of Mortgage
  • Subordination of Mortgage
  • Assumption or Amendment of Mortgage
  • Warranty Deed
  • Assignment of Mortgage when Nominee is the Grantee
  • Release of Mortgage when Nominee is the Grantee

$159 for the first page---$5 for each additional page