Land Records (Sec. 734a)

DescriptionFee Amount

Additional Fees

Recording Documents$60.00 first page$5.00 each additional page or portion.
Documents w/ Nominee (MERS) as Grantor-See Below$159.00 flat fee 
Documents w/ Nominee (MERS) as Grantee-See Below$159.00 first page$5.00 each additional page or portion.
Foreclosure Registration$60.00 
Map Recording$20.00 
Subdivision Map Recording$30.00 

Filing Fees

DescriptionFee Amount
Trade Name Certificate


Liquor Permit Registration$20.00

Vital Statistics (PA07-133, Sec 7-73, 7-74, 7-76)


Fee Amount

Certified Copy - Short Form - Birth Only$15.00
Certified Copy - Full Size - Birth, Marriage or Death$20.00
Marriage License


Cremation Permit


Burial or Removal Permit$5.00

Conveyance Tax (Sec. 12-494)

DescriptionFee AmountAdditional Fees
Property TransfersState fee .75%

Town fee .25%

Surcharges$2.00 each transfer 



Fee Amount

Additional Fees
Copies of your documents


Copies of Town Documents$0.50/page 
Copies of Land Records$1.00/page$2.00 for Certification (if needed)
Maps(24x36) $7 (18x24) $5 (11x17) $2 


Send or Receive a fax$0.50/page 

Notary Public (Sec. 7-34a, 3-94n, 3-94o)

DescriptionFee AmountNon-Residents
Notary Registration (To file your notary appointment with the Town Clerk)$20.00 
Notary Service (to have a document notarized)$0.00 (Residents)$5.00 per Signature

Dog Licenses (Sec. 22-338 thru Sec. 22-352)

DescriptionFee AmountNote
Altered (Fixed)$8.00Rabies Vaccination proof is required.
Unaltered (Not fixed)$19.00If your dog is fixed, proof is required.
Guide or Service DogNo Charge 
Late Licensing Fee$1.00 per month or fraction thereof 
Transfer of Ownership

$1.00 for a new tag, if already licensed

Copy of the precious license is required
Lost Tag$1.00 
Change of Address (Within CT)$1.00Copy of the previous license is required
Kennel Licenses$51.00 for up to 10 tags