Emergency Management

The mission of the Colchester Emergency Management is to prepare for, respond to and recover from and mitigate any emergency or disaster that affects the Town of Colchester

Emergency Management incorporates ’All Hazards Planning’ when developing emergency plans for the town and its residents. All Hazards refers to all types of disaster events:

  • Weather: Hurricane, Tornado, Extreme Heat & Cold, Snow, Flooding, Drought, etc
  • Transportation Accidents:, Aviation, Highway
  • Large Scale Destruction/Displacement of residents due to a fire, chemical release, etc.
  • Terrorism
  • Any other circumstance deemed necessary by the Incident Commander and/or the First Selectman

The Town of Colchester encompasses 49 square miles in upper New London County. Our population is approaching 17,000 yearly residents.

Route 2 divides the town in half, from east to west. The town is prone to all types of weather emergencies and transportation accidents throughout the year.

Emergency Management works closely with the Colchester Police & Fire Departments, town departments and public safety agencies during a disaster to provide them with resources at their request.

Emergency Management provides emergency notification to the public on disaster information and updates them as needed. This is accomplished via news media, social media and reverse notifications via telephone, cellular and electronic devices.

If needed, Emergency Management is ready to respond with disaster sheltering including pre-storm and post storm services. Our department is equipped to open temporary centers for charging electronic equipment and other various equipment.

Emergency Management meets throughout the year with town and agency leaders to ensure emergency plans and resources are current to meet our goals and responsibilities. In addition, we maintain partnerships with Business, Non-Government, State and Federal agencies to ensure our residents are provided with all applicable opportunities after a disaster.


Staff Contacts


Emergency Management Director

Rick Peruta

Deputy Emergency Management Director

John Knapp


Jean Walsh

CERT Coordinator

Kevin McManus

Colchester Alerts