Doing Business in Colchester

Come be a part of a “Community” in its truest sense. Colchester takes great pride in the character of its downtown and the preservation of its rural heritage. As a geographic and economic “hub”, Colchester is a great place to locate a business, grow a family or keep busy during your retirement. The Town boasts a number of premium open space and recreational assets, several thriving agri-tourism destinations, and a variety of small, local businesses ready and willing to meet your household, health and entertainment needs. But where Colchester truly sets itself apart, is the commitment of its community members to make it a welcoming, supportive, and peaceful place to live.

If you’re thinking of starting or relocating your business in the area, look no further. Please consider reaching out to Matt Bordeaux, Planning Director, to discuss your ideas and chart a path to success in Colchester. He can be reached at or (860) 537-7282.



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Matthew Bordeaux 860-537-7282
Reed Gustafson 860-537-7285
Stacey Kilgus 860-537-7278