Parks & Facilities

Creating Community Through People, Parks & Programs

These are some of the many parks and recreation facilities available within the town of Colchester. Click on the name for additional information.

Colchester Parks:

Colchester Schools:

Park and Grounds Maintenance

The Parks Maintenance Division is coordinated under the supervision of the Public Works Department, (860) 537-7288.  The Parks Division maintains approximately 360 acres of public land, town parks, open space, municipal and school grounds, and athletic facilities. Additionally, they provide snow removal for all town and school properties, including sidewalks.Public Works oversees the closing of fields and the splashpad.

Please Respect Your Property

This is your park. It's just like your very own back yard. Please take a moment to teach your children respect for public property. Remind them to pick up after themselves, use trash containers, and to leave trees and flowers alone for all to enjoy. Be a good role model too!

Top 5 Signs that the Fields are Unsafe to Play

  • Fields have standing puddles of water
  • Footing is unsure or slippery
  • Ground is water logged & squishy
  • Grass is easily pulled out of ground
  • Lightning or Severe Weather Storms

When games are played under these conditions, it can often cause irreversible damage to the field. It takes months, sometimes years, for the field to recover. It is also unsafe, causing pulled muscles due to slips & strains.

Dog Owners - Notice To Dog Owners

Town ordinance requires your dog to be leashed on public property, including town parks. Children play at the park and a loose pooch may frighten or be frightened. Also please use pooper-scoopers to keep the park clean! Thank you.