Air Line Trail State Park & Colchester Spur

Air Line Trail State Park

Trail NamesSegment Distance 
(rounded to nearest tenth of mile)
Smith Street to Bull Hill Road
3.1 miles
Bull Hill Road to River Road
2.4 miles
River Road to Route 149
.5 miles
Route 149 to commuter p/lot
.4 miles
Commuter p/lot to Old Hartford Road
.3 miles
Old Hartford Road to Grayville Rd.
2.2 miles
Grayville Road to Old Colchester Rd.
.5 miles
Old Colchester. Road to Route 85
1.2 miles
Route 85 to North Pond Road
.1 miles
North Pond Road to Route 207
.5 miles
Route 207 to Leonards Bridge Road
2.1 miles
Leonards Bridge Road to Chesbro Bridge Road
1.0 miles
Chesbro Bridge Road to Route 87
1.5 miles
Route 87 to Cook Hill Road
.8 miles
Cook Hill Road to Village Hill Road
1.1 miles
Village Hill Road to Kingsley Street
1.0 miles
Kingsley Street to Willimantic River
.4 miles
Total Miles
18.9 miles

Air Line Trail Spur Sour Sign

Trail Name

Segment Distances

(rounded to nearest tenth of mile)

Lebanon Ave to Old Amston Rd
1.0 miles
Old Amston Rd to Rt 85
1.9 miles
Rte 85 to Air Line Trail
0.6 miles

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