First Selectman's Office

Art Shilosky

The First Selectman is the Chief Executive Officer of the town and is elected directly by the voters. The First Selectman adheres to the policies and budgets that have been established by the town and the various boards and commissions.

The First Selectman is a member of the Board of Selectmen which is responsible for setting policy, entering into contracts, appointing officials and certain board members, recommending budget transfers, and other oversight activities.

The duties of the First Selectman are set forth in Article III of the town charter.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Tricia Dean Executive Assistant to the First Selectman
Sylvia Miller Department Clerk

Board Members

Name Title
Art Shilosky First Selectman
Stan Soby Selectman
Denise Mizla Selectman
Rosemary Coyle Selectman