Motor Vehicle Registration Denials

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes 14-33 and 14-33a, The Town of Colchester provides the Department of Motor Vehicle with names, addresses and motor vehicle registration numbers of persons who owe delinquent motor vehicle property taxes. The DMV shall not renew a registration or issue a new registration to any person reported as delinquent until the Town of Colchester certify, in a manner satisfactory to the DMV, that the delinquent tax has been paid.

The Town of Colchester policy regarding certification of payment is as follows:

The Delinquent Amount Includes Prior Year Tax

If the delinquent amount includes any amount originally due in a previous fiscal year (July 1st-June 30th) any non-delinquent portions of any motor vehicle taxes due the Town of Colchester are considered to be in jeopardy (CGC 12-163) and are due and payable immediately. Delinquent taxpayers with prior year taxes are required to pay all outstanding motor vehicle property taxes including all vehicles listed on the Grand List on October 1, 2019. Therefore, The Town of Colchester will not certify payment unless the total amount due, including non-delinquent has been paid in full.

Cash, certified check, or bank cashier’s checks are the only acceptable forms of payment for immediate release.