Youth Diversion Programs

 Youth Diversion Alliance, a family, school & community partnership

Historically, Colchester Youth Services has had both a Juvenile Review Board (JRB) as well as a Families With Service Needs (FWSN) Review Board. Recently, we've adjusted our service model to reflect changes to state statute as well as shift to more restorative practices for addressing the needs of youth and the community as a whole.  As a result, Youth Services now has one group called The Diversion Alliance and accepts referrals from the police and Juvenile Court for non-serious Juvenile Offenses as well as referrals from schools for truancy and overt defiance of school rules. The Alliance is comprised of school representatives and youth serving professionals.  

    The Youth Diversion Alliance supports youth and families in the following ways: 

    • By providing an alternative to court for youth who have committed non-serious juvenile offenses. The Alliance works with youth, their families, and victims to develop agreements that help repair harm caused and to ensure the long-term success of our youth. Police and courts are the primary referral source; although school's may refer as an alternative to school discipline. This process was previously referred to as the Juvenile Review Board. 
    • By providing an alternative to youth who are missing school and considered to be truant.  Some cases are handled by the YSB and others are brought to the Alliance depending on the circumstances. All referrals start with a thorough family assessment, designed to help get to the root causes of absences, and can help connect families to support services and positive youth development programs that may assist in the youth attending school on a more regular basis. This process is for school staff referrals only, forms are below.
    • The Diversion Program may also assist youth who have exhibited problems in the home, school, or community (formerly known as a Family With Service Needs/FWSN) and includes: "A family that includes a child who is at least seven years of age and is under eighteen years of age who, (A) has without just cause run away from the parental home or other properly authorized and lawful place of abode, (B) is beyond the control of the child's parent(s), guardian or other custodian, (C) has engaged in indecent or immoral conduct, or (D) is thirteen years of age or older and has engaged in sexual intercourse with another person and such other person is thirteen of age or older and not more than two years older or younger than such child.

    If you have questions or need more information, give us a call. 

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