Fuel Assistance

Energy Assistance:  TVCCA is the local community action agency who oversees the CT energy Assistance program for Colchester. To schedule an appointment with them or request a fuel delivery please call them at 860-425-6681. 

Operation Fuel: An additional home heating resource is Operation fuel if energy assistance has been exhausted. To  apply for Operation Fuel contact 1-860-243-2345.

Eversource:  Electric bill assistance is coordinated through Eversource directly.  They may be able to work out a payment plan or see what programs you are eligible for. 


Insurance: To obtain medical insurance and/or Husky please apply at Access Health CT or call 1-855-805-4325

Medicare: To get assistance navigating the medicare process reach out to a Choices Counselor 1-800-994-9422. 

Home Care: To obtain home care services, please contact the individuals medical provider.  

Dental: Finding an affordable dentist can be difficult.  Some local organizations provide dental care on a sliding fee scale such as Generations and UCFS.  To find a dentist who accepts Husky go to

Senior Care

Senior Center: To become member of the Colchester Senior Center please call 860-537-3911.

Senior Supports: To ask questions about how to get supports and services for elderly loved ones, please contact Senior Resources 860-887-3561.


SNAP (Food Stamps): To apply for SNAP,  applications are submitted through Department of Social Services by calling the Benefits Line at 1-855-626-6632

Mobile Food Trucks: There are mobile food trucks throughout the region.  UCFS is one of the organizations that hosts a food truck in our area. You can call and inquire at 860-892-7042

End Hunger CT: A local organization that assist in connecting people with food resources is End Hunger CT.  You can call them at 860-560-2100.

Meals on Wheels: Please call 860-934-1006 to see if the homebound individual qualifies for the meals on wheels program.  

Mental Health

Case Management: Contact 211 to be linked with a local agency that provides case management. 

Provider: To obtain a therapist or med prescriber; contact your insurance company, medical doctor  (ask for a referral), or call various local providers. A listing can be found at Psychology Today.

Crisis Intervention: If you or someone you know is have a mental health crisis please reach out to one of the following:  

            ~Mobile Outreach: 860-886-9302



Department of Social Services

Department of Social Services has various benefits.  To see if you qualify check out their website, call them at 1-855-626-6632, or go to DSS Connect.  

If you have an online account and need assistance logging in, please call 1-877-874-1612 (Wait until the end and select option 1).  If you need to replace your SNAP/EBT card please call 1-888-328-2666, 

     -TANF/Cash Assistance


    -Medicare Savings Program


Section 8: Section 8 state list is currently closed.  Town lists open intermittently.  You can check the town list on United Way of CT Housing Choice Voucher Program website. 

Financial Assistance: If you need financial assistance for housing contact 211,  they can refer you to agencies/organizations for assistance.

Subsidized Housing: If you are interested in subsidized housing call all the places you are interested in to request an application.  Please note most subsidized housing has wait lists. 

Other Resources that may be helpful

Internet Discounts: Affordable Connectivity Program: assists with a $30/month discount on internet services for eligible applicants. 

Cell Phone: Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless provide free cell phones to eligible applicants. 

Transportation: If you are a senior and or disabled you can call the Colchester Senior Center for transportation assistance.  If you need transportation assistance to medical appointments and you have Husky Insurance you can call Veyo 1-855-478-7350.