How to Help


~We are currently not in need of regular volunteers. We often need volunteers twice a year to help with large food drives and may also need regular volunteers in the future. If you are interested in being added to our list for future volunteer opportunities, contact us [email protected]

~Food Drive: If you’d like to sponsor a food drive, please contact us, we can help get you started.

Items for Colchester Food Bank

~The Colchester Food Bank accepts donations of food, personal hygiene, household goods, and pet food.  We have a cart located in the lobby of town hall, you can drop off items to anytime town hall doors are open. 

Financial Donations

We accept financial donations to various programs offered within Colchester Youth and Social Services.  Financial donations can be made to any of the following. 

  ~Colchester Food Bank

  ~Colchester Youth Services Scholarships

  ~Colchester Fuel Bank

  ~Colchester Social Services