Landlord - Tenant Sewer and Water Account Policy

Colchester Sewer and Water Commission

Landlord/Property Owner – Tenant Billing Policy


1. The Landlord/property owner is responsible for the payment of all sewer and water bills. This is per Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 102 Sec. 7-239(b) and Chapter 103 Sec 7- 258.

2. In order to encourage water conservation, the Colchester Water and Sewer Commission allows water service to be placed in the name of the tenant.

3. This practice is at the discretion of the Water and Sewer Commission. It can be revoked for any reason such as a tenant’s failure to make payments in a timely fashion.

4. As with all customers, if a bill is over 90 days late, a lien may be placed on the property. Any costs associated with the lien or any other collection expenses will be added to the amount due.

5. Since a landlord/property owner is ultimately responsible for paying the bill, a landlord will receive a copy of any shut off notice to their property.

6. Any form of mail that is returned may be followed up by a phone call to the property owner/landlord. However, it is the responsibility of the landlord to insure that the Commission has the correct email address and landlord phone number.

7. When a tenant moves out, leaves/ evicted etc., a final bill will be prepared and sent to the account holder for any use up to the point that they leave the premises.  The account holder shall have up to thirty (30) days in order to pay this final bill. The premises shall not have a new service account set up for a new tenant until the previous balance has been paid. It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform the Sewer and Water Department of any change in tenancy regarding their premises.