Parking Ban

There have been numerous locations around Town where plow truck drivers have been unable to clear snow to the extent desired because of vehicles parked on the roadsides. As stated in the Town's Snow and Ice Control Policy ", the Town will endeavor to keep Town-maintained roads in a reasonably safe condition for travelers. The Town will endeavor to exercise reasonable care and diligence in the performance of their duties, consistent with the intent of this Plan.  Travelers who use Town-maintained roads are expected to demonstrate due care and reasonable caution, especially under adverse weather conditions."

As part of this, residents are reminded of the Town Parking Ban Ordinance that states ... "There shall be a parking ban in effect on town roads after 1/2 in. of snow has accumulated. Said parking ban shall continue in effect for 12 hours after the cessation of the snowfall. If any vehicles are parked on town roads, in violation of this ordinance, the owners of said vehicles shall forfeit and pay for the use of the Town of Colchester a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to be recovered by an action on this ordinance brought in the name of the Treasurer of the Town.

In addition, any vehicles parked on town roads in violation of this ordinance may be towed away by the TOWN OF COLCHESTER at the vehicle owner's expense."