Motor Vehicle Information

Please click the "Motor Vehicle Information" link below to access article from the assessor regarding the nuts and bolts of state motor vehicle taxes...

Did you get rid of your vehicle? NOTIFY THE ASSESSOR'S OFFICE FOR PROPER TAX CREDIT The "Motor Vehicle Removal" information sheet below will explain the documentation you need to supply to the assessor's office to remove your vehicle from the current tax list. CT DMV DOES NOT REPORT THIS INFORMATION.

Is your vehicle over 20 years old? Print, complete and submit the "Affidavit for Antique Motor Vehicles" found below to the assessor's office.

Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 12-71b(g) which states in part: "Any motor vehicle which is not registered in this state shall be subject to property tax in this state... in the town within which such motor vehicle most frequently leaves from and returns to..." (To read entire statute click on link below). TO AVOID AN ESTIMATED ASSESSMENT WITH 25% PENALTY YOU MUST file the Declaration of Personal Property MV form with the Assessor's office on or before November 1st annually.