First Selectman's Report: 8/21 - 8/25

k.a. brown

1. The Fields of Dreams initiative is in full swing as irrigation installation will begin Aug. 30th. 

R-1 and R-2 will take about 3 weeks for completion. R-3 and R-4 will begin after R-1 and R-2 are completed.

2. Project Update: 

The Youth Center Roof – Scholar Painting is working diligently on the project.

Trail Head Parking Lot – Construction on the site is ongoing.

New Fire Department HQ Parking Lot – Paving Begins Saturday, August 26th. 

3. We are still looking for residents to serve on the Public Safety Working Committee, the Sewer & Water Commission, the Fair Rent Commission, and the Colchester Housing Authority. Please reach out if interested.

4. Colchester’s 325th Birthday Celebration Timeline

Celebrate Colchester will kick off a month of fun activities and events.  These are some of the things we have planned:

9/9 Celebrate Colchester from 1-5pm, on the Town Green followed by fireworks at the RecPlex

10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/14 and 10/15- Historical tours, Open Houses, Presentations, activities, and events throughout the town

10/7-10/14 Restaurant Week

10/13 Special Birthday Gala at Priam Vineyard from 7-10pm

5. K.A. Brown

On Thursday, K.A. Brown, author of the political thriller “Programmed to Win,” came by Town Hall to discuss his new book, the world of politics, and our great town. K.A. Brown is a Colchester resident and “Programmed to Win” is his first book. He is currently working on the sequel.

K.A. Brown is a retired firefighter with 26 years of experience, now pursuing his passion for writing thrilling novels. K.A. signed with Tactical 16 Publishing to release his debut novel, Programmed to Win, which has been receiving rave reviews. Other than writing, K.A. lives with his wife and a rescued German shepherd dog. He loves to spend time with his two adult children and two grandchildren. He and his wife also enjoy traveling.

“Programmed to Win” is a political thriller in which a doctor seeking to cure cancer, discovers a strange genetic key. What if a corrupt politician and a power-hungry Billionaire could take away your choice in voting by using that discovery? What if people had to die to verify their plan would work? If your loved one was caught in their quest for power, what would you do? Is there freedom if you can be programmed to win?

Please consider picking up the book and supporting a local author. The book may be ordered on Amazon by following this link:


Andreas Bisbikos

First Selectman