Finance Department

The Department of Finance is responsible for maintaining all budgets, accounts and financial records of the Town, including the Board of Education (BOE), coordinating all purchases for the Town and BOE and reviewing all fiscal requests to determine budgetary compliance.  The department is also responsible for administration of the Town and BOE risk management program for property, liability, auto and workers compensation insurance, and the self-insured health insurance program for active and retired employees.

The duties and responsibilities of the Department of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer are set forth in Article XII Section C-1202 of the Town Charter. The responsibilities of the Treasurer are set forth in Article V Section C-503 of the Town Charter.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
N. Maggie Cosgrove Chief Financial Officer (860) 537-7229
Greg Simmons Interim Finance Director (860) 537-7225
Rachel Linkkila Accountant (860) 537-7262
Clare Strickland Payroll/Employee Benefits & Accounts Payable Manager 860-537-7263
Suzie Clark Payroll & Accounts Payable Assistant (860) 537-7226
Sue Urbowicz Payroll & Accounts Payable Assistant (860) 537-7266