Open Colchester Subcomittee

Open Colchester allows for citizens and employees to review data on-line at their convenience. This data can be filtered to provide individualized views of information a citizen may be interested in seeing, based on the reports available on the OpenGov platform.  Open Colchester is a self-service system that is accessible via a link on the Town of Colchester website homepage. Online tutorials are available to help each person learn and understand how to use the system.

Members of the Open Colchester Sub-Committee will be two members of the Board of Selectmen, a member of the Board of Finance, a member of the Board of Education and the Executive Assistant to the First Selectman.

Committee Members

Stan SobyBoard of SelectmenChair
Rosemary CoyleBoard of Selectmen 
Andreas BisbikosBoard of Finance 

Board of Education

Tricia DeanExecutive Assistant to the First Selectman