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Financial Transparency and Reporting - OpenColchester, powered by OpenGov

The Town of Colchester is committed to honest budgeting, responsible spending and financial transparency.  Colchester has partnered with OpenGov to provide a new web-based financial platform that allows us to share financial data in understandable reports.  This platform will allow Colchester taxpayers to see, real time, how their tax dollars are being invested, creating a critical accountability link.

OpenColchester allows users to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface.  Users can view, filter and analyze prior year, current year-to-date and next year budget data.  All charts and data can be exported and shared. Users can drill down on data by clicking on any section of a chart or graph.  A brief tutorial is accessible from each report.

Check back often for updated information and new reports.

Click here to access the OpenColchester portal

Click here to learn how to use the OpenColchester portal


In 2010, the Sunshine Review, a 501(c)3 non-profit, pro-transparency organization developed a ten-point transparency checklist to evaluate if government websites proactively and voluntarily disclose information to the public and media.

The following is a list of their recommendations that should be on a Municipal Website and what the Town of Colchester has available.


  1. Elected Officials  

    • Information on Elected Officials is available on the Board and Commission pages. 
  2. Administrative Officials

    • Information on Administrative Officials is available on the department pages. 
  3.  Agendas & Minutes

    • Minutes and agendas are on the pages for the individual boards or commissions. 


  1. Budgets

    • Budget information is available for the current and past budgets. 
  2. Audits

    • The town has a financial audit annually. Audit information is available on the Board of Finance and Finance Department pages
  3. Taxes

    • Information on tax collection is available on the Tax Collector's page
    • Information on tax assessment is available on the Tax Assessor's page
    • Additional information can be found on the Board of Finance page
  4. Contracts

    • Current information on Request for Proposals and Request for Qualifications are available on the website.


  1. Public Records

    • One of the many jobs of municipal government it to provide access to public records. Public records are available from many sources:
      • Town Website -  A variety of information on most operations is available on the website. If there is specific information that you are unable to find or think should be displayed in a different manner please feel free to send a comment by clicking Contact Us on the left window pane or Click Here to send a website comment
      • GIS Mapping - The GIS Mapping site provides owner information, assessment information, property information and mapping.
      • Town Clerk Land Records - The land record information is available online. This information is updated daily and we are in the process of back scanning documents to make those available online as well.
      • Freedom of Information - To view information on the Town Freedom of Information request process click here
      • Town Charter
  2. Permits & Zoning

  3. Additional Resources