Basketball Pole Hazards

The Highway Department would like to remind residents of the possible hazard a portable basketball pole can present when placed on the side of the roadway. The hoop that extends into the travel lane can cause damage to passing vehicles and equipment. Please be sure that the structure is placed well off the roadway as to not interfere with passing traffic.  

During the snow season the basketball poles must be removed entirely as they interfere with snow operations. Another obstacle that the plows face is the placement of garbage containers along the roadway. The Town crew is responsible for clearing the snow back to the curb and the garbage containers should be placed accordingly.

A further reminder for residents, do not let children play in the snow embankments on the side of the road. Although they are an attractive recreation area, the snow plow drivers cannot see the presence of a small child playing, especially if it is snowing.  

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our roadways safe.

Dean Hunniford
Director of Operations
Public Works