Paving Presentation

The following PowerPoint slide show was prepared by the Connecticut Department of Transportation for presentation at their 2009 Annual Paving Conference.  The pavement preservation program adopted by the State of Connecticut is typical of progressive State Transportation and Municipal Public Works agencies around the country.  The Town of Colchester adopted such a program over 15 years ago.  As a result, pavement performance and drivability during that time has improved and maintenance expenses have been significantly reduced compared to prior programs.  Maintaining good roads in good condition not only saves money in the long run, it also retains the drivability of those roads throughout the pavement life cycle.  A second, yet parallel, part of a good pavement preservation/improvement  program is employed to slowly upgrade roads that were constructed to lesser standards, have evolved from old cart and horse paths, or have been exposed to significantly increased volumes of traffic  over the years.  Slower, yet steady, progress of these roads is necessary because of the high cost of reconstruction compared to the lower costs to perform routine maintenance.

Please contact the Colchester Public Works office at 537-7288 if you have questions about the Town’s Pavement Preservation/Improvement Program