Meeting Room Policy & Application


The Cragin Memorial Library meeting rooms are available to the Colchester community under the conditions set forth herein.  Meeting rooms are available when such use does not interfere with the primary functions of the Library. Priority will be given first to Library functions, then to the Friends of the Library, Town of Colchester agencies, civic or service organizations and other non-profit groups with members who are Colchester residents. Meetings may be “bumped” to accommodate official Library activities. 

Permission to use meeting rooms by other individuals or groups will be given at the discretion of the Library Director and a fee may be charged. Local businesses may use the meeting rooms for training for business meeting purposes, but not for direct sales.  Local businesses may apply to present informational programs of interest to the Colchester community, but may not sell any particular product or service or require participants to disclose their contact information.

Permission to use a meeting room does not imply any endorsement by the Library of any group or ideas expressed at a meeting.

The Cragin Memorial Library, Board of Trustees and the Town of Colchester shall bear no responsibility whatever for personal injury to any member, affiliated person, guest or invitee of the using organization or for the loss of, injury to or damage to any property of the using organization, members, affiliated persons, guests or invitees.

The following conditions need to be met:

  • An application must be completed and submitted to a designated library official at least three days prior to the meeting by a person aged 18 years or older.  Reservations should reflect time needed for set up and clean up.  Repeated cancellations or unused reservations will result in denial of meeting room use.
  • Smoking or alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on Library property.  This includes doorways, parking lots, walkways, and lawns.
  • Meetings will not disturb the normal operations of the Library.  Examples of such interference include, but are not limited to excessive size, noise, activity outside the meeting room, congregating in the lobby or stairway or any disturbance which violates the Library Code of Conduct.
  • No organization has an exclusive right, on a permanent basis, to a meeting room on a specific day or time.
  • Meeting rooms will be assigned on the basis of anticipated attendance.  There are five meeting rooms with the following capacities: Norton A (60) and Norton B (20) which may be combined for up to 80 people, Conference Room C (6), Quiet Study (6) and Zagray Room (10-12)  Norton offers a kitchen with stove top, counter space, and refrigerator.
  • Meeting room set up is the responsibility of the group using the room and organizers are responsible for setting up tables and chairs to suit the needs of the meeting.
  • All meetings will be open to the public and no charge will be made for admission to the meeting.
  • Youth groups may use meeting rooms when adult supervision is provided.  Adequate supervision of at least one adult per 10 children must be provided for groups of young people younger than 18 years of age.
  • Children of meeting participants will not be left unattended in the Library.
  • Meeting rooms will be left in an orderly condition. If an organization's representative finds a room in disorder, the condition will be reported immediately to a library official.  A fee commensurate with the work required, but not less than $25 will be charged if the room is not left in its original condition or the kitchen is not cleaned and items are not removed from the cabinets and refrigerator.  All supplies will be provided by the organization.  Groups may not store any food at the Library.
  • Organizations planning to serve a meal must provide a $75.00 cleaning deposit at the time of the meeting.  When the room is confirmed by library staff to be clean, the $75.00 deposit will be returned.
  • Organizations or groups holding meetings assume full financial responsibility for any damage to the room and contents.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except when this prohibition is waived by the Town of Colchester Board of Selectmen and Library Board of Trustees after application has been made at least one month in advance.
  • The Town of Colchester Board of Selectmen and the Library Board of Trustees may deny permission for the use of meeting rooms to any organization that does not follow the Library’s Code of Conduct.
  • The Town of Colchester Board of Selectmen and the Library Board of Trustees reserve the right to change the conditions within this policy at any time.

Approved 11/13/02; Revised & Approved March 10, 2010

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