Hop into a Good Book @ Spring Reading Program

Spring Reading Program
Hop Into a Good Book

Starting on Monday, April 13, we will be hosting an 8 week Spring Reading Program called Hop into a Good Book.

This program differs from the summer reading program greatly because we are asking that readers (up to 18) read 20 minutes per day, every day. Or at least 5 out of 7 days for the 8 week period. If you read more, that's great, but this program is about creating a consistent reading habit.

There will be a prize tier system, while we're still working out some of the finer details, there will be gift cards to local businesses.

Those will be mailed out, which means we will be requiring a Colchester mailing address along with an email address when you sign up.

Every child/teen who participates will get a prize.

Hop into a Good Book

Our hope is to build a conversation around our community of readers.

Family Book Bingo

Family Bingo Cards:

Rules: Every two weeks we will post a new BINGO card. 

You can find these listed under MISSIONS at the Hop in to a Good Book program

Each card will have slightly different activities:

  1. The first card, you'll win with regular Bingo rules (5 consecutive squares).
  2. The second card you will win with an X.
  3. The third card you will win with a square.
  4. The fourth and final card you will win by completing the entire card.

All families who participate in the Family Bingo will win a small prize. For each completed entry, will earn families one ticket into the Family Prize Package.

Pictures of completed cards can be emailed to Jennifer @ [email protected]

There will be squares where we ask you to post pictures online - please use #CraginFun so we can see them.

Feel free to search the hashtag to see everyone's photos.

If you're not comfortable posting pictures online, you may email them to Jennifer. 

We want these programs to be fun, engaging, and a way to connect with others.