Adult Programs

New Online Programs!

Yoga for Seniors

Mondays at 4:45 pm

Week 1- March 30, 2020- Activity # 4420

Week 2-April 6, 2020- Activity # 4421

Week 3- April 13, 2020-Activity #4422

Week 4-April 20, 2020- Activity # 4423

All 4 weeks- March 30-April 20, 2020- Activity # 4424

Cost: $8 per week or $25 for all 4 weeks

This will be a Live Facebook event in a private Facebook group. Once you register, you will receive an invitation to join the Facebook group.


Gentle Yoga is perfect for age 55 and over to explore yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga improves your balance and strength, stretches your entire body and focuses your mind and calms your emotions. All levels of fitness or yoga experience are welcome.

Instructor: Anne Beauregard


Daily Meditation for Calm and Focus

Monday- Friday from 7am to 7:30am

Week 1-March 30-April 3, 2020- Activity #4416

Week 2- April 6-April 10, 2020- Activity #4417

Week 3- April 13-17, 2020- Activity #4418

Week 4- April 20-24, 2020- Activity #4418

This program will take place on the ZOOM platform.

Once you register you will receive an invitation to join the ZOOM meeting

Price: $12 per week


This course offer daily meditation practices that include a variety of focal areas, such as breathing, body scans, focus and concentration, stress relief, gratitude, kindness and personal connection. Gain the positive benefits of adding this practice into your daily routine and start your day off right! Make it a family affair!

Participants will learn:

1. Breathing Techniques

2. Body Scan process

3. Mindfulness techniques

4. Strategies for self-awareness and self-regulation

Instructor: Paige Dest


Emotional Resilience in an Uncertain Time

Mondays, March 30- May 4, 2020 from 6:30-7:30 pm

Cost: $65

Activity # 4414

Class will use the Zoom platform. Once you register, you will receive an invitation to join the Zoom meeting.

Life can change in an instant, pulling us in directions we hadn't anticipated. While it can be stressful and scary, you have the ability to remain calm and manage the transition with ease. Learn how to manage your emotions and control your decisions during times of uncertainty, as well as how to help others cope.


Participants will learn:

1. To understand their emotions as information, with which to make better choices.

2. Stress management techniques and strong coping skills.

3. Techniques for remaining resilient and agile in the midst of change or uncertainty.

Instructor: Paige Dest

Adult Enrichment- Spring 2020

Please register for spring classes online- you will be added to a wait list and you will not be charged a fee. This will hold your spot in the class.  You will be notified when we are allowed to resume classes.

Basic Dog Obedience

A six-week basic obedience course using positive reinforcement training methods. Each session will run for one hour. This course will teach you and your dog how to effectively communicate with each other while learning all of the basic obedience commands. First session is humans only. All dogs must be leashed with a non-retractable leash. Please bring a water bowl & water as well as waste clean-up bags. Only one dog per handler.

Paws to the Wall Dog Training teaches positive reinforcement training to help families and their dogs with behavior, obedience, and communication skills. Owner Kevin Williams has over 8 years experience working in basic and advanced obedience training, as well as agility, aggression, and service dog training. Kevin enjoys helping families integrate their canine companions into their family unit and works with clients in both group and individual settings. Kevin is Canine Good Citizen certified and provides lessons and testing for the CGC test.

All canine participants must provide proof of rabies and distemper. The Bordetella vaccination is recommended as well. Dogs with canine or human aggression are not recommended for this course. Please contact Parks & Recreation if you have any questions.

Activity #           Date                  Day           Time

Session I: 4374   4/25/20-6/6/20   Sat            9:00AM-10:00AM

Session II: 4375  4/25/20-6/6/20   Sat            10:30AM-11:30AM

**No Class on 5/23/20 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Location: Ruby Cohen Woodlands                          

Fee: $150.00 Res./$155 Non-Res.

Ages: 18+                                                  Min.4/Max.8

Instructior: Williams, Kevin (Paws To The Walls Family Dog Training)

Registration Deadline: 4/20/20


Photography 101: Learning The Basics

This class will be about the basics of photography, the tools and concepts needed to take the best photos you can. The primary goal of this class is ensuring all students leave with a better understanding of their camera settings and equipment, and have the confidence to take the photos they want. At the end of the course there will be a hands-on session to further expand on the topics covered, as well as trouble shoot any camera specific issues that may arise.

Activity #           Date                  Day           Time

4380                 4/23/20             Thur          5:00PM-7:00PM

                        5/7/20               Thur          5:00PM-6:45PM

                        5/23/20             Sat            8:00AM-10:00AM

Location: Town Hall Room #1                       

Fee: $65.00 Res./$70.00 Non-Res.

Ages: 16+                                                 


Instructor: Red Skies Photography, Jake Snyder

Registration Deadline: 4/20/20


How Can They Think Like That?

Do you wonder how people can say some of the things they do? Or even what would be going through their minds to say what they do? Sometimes it's very difficult to understand where other people are coming from. In this course, you'll learn why we think and say the things we do. You'll learn to be more attentive to the things you think and say, and how to be more sympathetic to the mindset of others. Class is 4 weeks.

Activity #:4363

Day & Time: Monday’s 4/20/20- 5/11/20 7:00PM-8:00PM

**Class on 4/27/20 in Colchester Town Hall room #3

Location: JJIS Room #120

Instructor: Paige Dest

Fee: $45.00 Res./$50 Non-Res.

Registration Deadline: 4/15/20


Making Your Emotions Work for You

Do you wish your could control negative thoughts, ineffective behaviors, and unproductive decisions? Do you find that your emotions control you? Do you want to learn how to communicate your assertiveness effectively? Take back your control! Learn how to talk nicely to yourself, behave more rationally, and make smarter decisions by understanding your emotions and using them as information. Yes, you can have a more peaceful life! Class is 6 weeks.

Activity #:4364

Day & Time: Monday’s 4/20/20-6/1/20 6:00PM-7:00PM

**Class on 4/27/20 in Colchester Town Hall room #3

**No Class on 5/25/20 (Memorial Day)

Location: JJIS Room #120

Instructor: Paige Dest

Fee: $65.00 Res./$70 Non-Res.

Registration Deadline: 4/15/20


Quilting for Beginners

Participants will learn how to read a pattern, cut fabric, piece the top, sandwich quilt together, quilt and finish with binding. Participants will need to bring a working sewing machine, notions, cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler (6” x 24”) and fabric for the quilt.

Supplies needed: 1 charm pack; 1 yard of solid fabric for sashing, cornerstones and inner border; 1 yard for outer border; ½ yard of coordinating fabric for binding; 1 ½ yards x 108” fabric for the backing; quilt batting 50” x 60”; coordinating thread.


Day/Time: Wednesday’s May 20-June 17, 2020 from 6:00PM-9:00PM

Location: Colchester Town Hall, Room #3

Instructor: Nola Weston

Fee: $100 Res./$105 Non.-Res.

Registration Deadline: 3/30/20




Our wonderful instructor will teach you how to use stamps to create beautiful cards for every season. The registration fee includes all of the supplies needed to make 3 cards per class. All supplies are included in the registration fee.

April 1, 2020: Theme: Water Color Stamping Technique 

12:00PM- 2:00PM- Activity #4296

6:00PM-8:00PM- Activity #4297

May 6, 2020: Theme: Heat Embossing 

12:00PM- 2:00PM- Activity #4298

6:00PM-8:00PM- Activity #4299

June 3, 2020: Theme: Make 3 cards!

12:00PM- 2:00PM- Activity #4367

6:00PM-8:00PM- Activity #4368

Location: Colchester Town Hall             

Instructor: Lorraine Tierney

Cost: $20 Res./$25 Non-Res. Per Class

Registration Deadline- one week prior to class

Min.3/Max. 8


SPRING PAINT NIGHTS with artist Julianna Cameron

Summer Sailing

You will learn the tricks of how to paint an Oceanscape with Sailboats! All projects include step by step instructions. No previous experience is required. Please wear old clothing as paints can stain.

Activity #: 4370

Date/Time: Tuesday April 21, 2020 6:00PM-8:00PM

Location: JJIS Cafeteria

Fee: $30.00 Res./$35.00 Non-Res

Instructor: Artist Julianna Cameron


Color Study

Come with a creative spirit and let the COLOR and SHAPES guide and inspire you. Paint demo with creative encouragement to paint with a fluid hand. All projects include step by step instructions. No previous experience is required. Please wear old clothing as paints can stain.

Activity #: 4372

Date/Time: Tuesday May 5, 2020 6:00PM-8:00PM

Location: JJIS Cafeteria

Fee: $30.00 Res./$35.00 Non-Res

Instructor: Artist Julianna Cameron


Paint Your Pet

The artist will prepare a canvas with an outline of your pet from a photo you submit. Pet photos must be sent to no later than May 11, 2020. All projects include step by step instructions. No previous experience is required. Please wear old clothing as paints can stain.

Activity #: 4369

Date/Time: Tuesday May 19, 2020 6:00PM-8:30PM

Location: JJIS Cafeteria

Fee: $45.00Res./$50.00 Non-Res

Instructor: Artist Julianna Cameron


Wildflower Bouquet

Still life of a Wildflower Bouquet. The artist will bring the wildflower arrangement to paint, then walk participants through step by step how to paint a floral still life. No previous experience is required. Please wear old clothing as paints can stain.

Activity #: 4373

Date/Time: Tuesday June 16, 2020 6:00PM-8:00PM

Location: JJIS Cafeteria

Fee: $30.00 Res./$35.00 Non-Res

Instructor: Artist Julianna Cameron

Stop The Bleed

Launched in October of 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call to action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.  No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within 5 minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss. Those nearest to someone with life threatening injuries are best positioned to provide first care. You may be able to save a life by taking simple actions immediately after a trauma. This class is FREE to all participants!For more information, visit https:/


Activity: 4382

Date & Time: Thursday May 14, 2020 6:00PM-7:00PM

Location: Colchester Town Hall Room #3

Instructor: Tiffany Quinn

Ages: 16 & Up

Fee: FREE to all


Registration Deadline: 5/11/20

Sewing Class

Each class will include a kit with all materials included and you will take home a finished project each week. Students will need to provide a working sewing machine and their sewing notions. You will learn a new technique in each class. The 5 week class will meet for 2 hours per week (longer if needed to complete your project). Class size is limited to 5 students to ensure each person receives personalized attention. Students must know how to operate their sewing machine prior to class. Please bring with you: Working Sewing machine (including accessories, manual, and power cord) Scissors, Thread & Pins.

Class Projects:

Mesh Beach Bag (work with mesh & boxed corners)

Lined Grocery Bag (work with bag lining and boxed corners)

Coin Purses (work with zippers)

Scrappy “Quilt as You Go” placemats (Learn “Quilt as you go” and bindings”

Pillow Case (Work on flat felled and hidden seams)

Activity #4399

Dates & Time: Wednesday’s, 6/24/20-7/22/20 6:00PM-9:00PM

Location: Colchester Town Hall

Fee: $125.00 Res./$145.00 Non-Res.

Instructor: Nola Weston

Registration Deadline: 6/17/20

Min.3/Max. 5