Frequently Asked Questions
Q.      How are taxes calculated?
A.      Taxes are ((Assessed Property Value * .001) * Current Mill Rate)
Q.      What is a Mill Rate?
A.      A Mill Rate is the property tax rate expressed in tenths of a cent per dollar of assessed valuation.

Q.      How is a Mill Rate calculated?
A.      The Mill Rate is ((Town Budget - State Funds) / (Total Grand List Value - Exemptions)) * 1000

Q.      What is the Grand List?
A.      The Grand List is a listing of all real estate parcels, personal property and motor vehicles in the town.

Q.      What is the current Mill Rate?
A.      The Mill Rate for the 2011-2012 budget is 25.85.

Q.      Where can I find property assessment information?
A.      The Assessor's office maintains assessment information. For more information click Here

Q.      Who determines property values?
A.      The Town Assessor assigns property values.

Q.      When was the last property revaluation?
A.      The last property revaluation was completed in 2017.